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We offer the complete range of professional maintenance for…

… Electro motors
… DC motors
… Generators
… Gear box motors
… Brakes, clutches
… Pumps
… Fans
… Generator aggregates
… Electrical tools
… Servo motors
Stock of all IEC motor sizes
performance range 0.09 kW – 55 kW

We are in the possession of the approval for testing and repairing explosion proof motors and pumps up to 250 kW, all works performed by specialists.
… EEex protection grade “increased safety e”
… EEex protection grade “pressure resistance encapsulation d”
Explosion proof DC motors
… EEex protection grade “pressure resistance encapsulation d”
…EEex protection grade “over pressure resistance encapsulation p”
up to a nominal power of 200 kW.

After maintenance, the motors, aggregates and equipment will be tested according to the VDE regulations, on our test equipment.
You will receive a final test protocol containing all measured values. We are able to provide all existing voltages and frequencies and to test them with our test equipment.