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Press reports

The direct drive has a future

In advanced machinery and systems, direct drives are increasingly on the rise due to increasing dynamism, precision and cost reduction through energy efficiency. Torque motors are rotary, multi-pole, AC synchronous motors which are activated by permanent magnets. They are ideal as direct drives: the load to be moved is directly coupled to the rotor without transmission elements and/or the rotor is integrated into the load.


With the servo-controller and angle measurement system, it is possible to realise highly dynamic and highly accurate positioning tasks. These drives are characterised by high reliability and durability, high power density, compact design, freedom from wear and tear, precise positioning and acceleration. The drives are mainly used in machine tools, positioning systems, laser cutting systems, Pick & Place applications as well as rotor shaft drives. Apart from standard products, Fischer Elektromotoren has designed and manufactured customised drive solutions using the latest CAD and FEA programs since 1993. An integrated quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001-2008 ensures controlled processes and procedures.

Published works: handling / Dec. 2009 / Issue no. 12

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